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The hallmark of a wonderful brand, your logo, begins with your story.

Big or small, creating a memorable brand experience is central to your success. Every element of your brand should be intentionally positioned to attract the right person. Is your business attracting the right audience? 


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Drop us a line, and we can start the process! With just a short survey we can work toward a ballpark price and timeline for discovery, strategy, development, and delivery, and get you up and running with your targeted new look.


When we first reached out to Silverfox Marketing to discuss logos for one of our businesses, we had a very basic idea of what we wanted. They were able to turn that into a logo that we love and that we felt represented our company’s brand perfectly.  The entire team there was great to work with.

They were not only hands on but they had great creativity and vision. They made the process fun, quick and easy. We enjoyed working with them so much that they have now designed 2 other sets of logos for other businesses we own.

If you’re looking for a logo that not only represents your company but also stands out in the crowd, we would highly recommend the team at Silverfox Marketing.

Allen Masengill

Tru Protection Products, STL Wash, Southtown Insurance Agency

With every new business venture, I’ve found myself in need of design services. Most often in logo design & branding specifically. I’m thankful for my relationship with Silver Fox Marketing, because everytime that need arises, I know exactly who to call. 

Sometimes I know just what I want, and simply need someone with a keener eye and the skills to bring it to life. For those situations, Silver Fox has always appreciated my input and collaborated with me to develop something that’s effective, but still sticks to my vision.
Other times, I’ve leaned entirely on them to develop the concept and carry it to completion. I find myself equally happy, no matter my level of involvement. The team at Silver Fox has never let me down, and I’m thrilled to know exactly who to call the next time I find myself in need of strong and cohesive branding.
Dustin Gardner

D1 Solutions, Von London

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Frequently Asked

How much does it cost?

This question can really only be answered after we take the time to diagnose and assess your project, however our minimum level of engagement is around $1800. That would include a logo design, in a few different orientations, and a one page “Logo Style Sheet” defining your color values and other pertinent details. Identity packages go up from there.

How long does it take?

Logo projects can move pretty quickly. From initial discovery meeting to finished product in 2-4 weeks depending on feedback and edits needed. Brand Identity will often turn around closer to the 4-6 week mark with several check-ins as the project progresses. Each project is different and thus requires a varying approach, but it is always our goal to exceed the timeline expectations set here.

How do we get started?

Every logo, big or small, begins with a guided strategy session to answer the big questions: Who? What? Where? Why? & What next? Our strategy sessions are a paid engagement, and that cost is leveraged against the final cost for your final project.

At $1,800 for a logo project, the $600 strategy session cost is subtracted from that final balance, just for example. Even if you choose not to move forward with us on your logo project, you are certain to come away from our guided strategy session with a clearer picture of who your brand appeals to and how to build from there.

Can't I just buy a logo somewhere online?

You absolutely can! And we have, in the past, encouraged potential clients to do just that. Whether the cost, or difference in scope, or chosen style didn’t jive with what we were able to produce were the reasons, we will not be shy when diagnosing if a generic stock logo represents the best fit. 

We have an award winning design team, whose highest priority is to provide a true and unique voice for you and your brand. We love bringing ideas to life and if we can help breathe life into your ideas as well, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Will you change the design until I'm satisfied?

The answer to this is both yes, and no. We offer 2 rounds of revision for any creative project unless otherwise stated at the outset. Part of the reason for this is that we have such faith in our strategy session, and our ability to turn what we learn from you into powerful visuals. It’s not uncommon for our first round of design to nail the brief and move us to final production, but in the event that we have some adjustments to make, we, 1. provide initial mock ups, 2. revise and present, 3. revise and present. If we still need to make further adjustments then we would discuss billing for the time needed to get right in the sweet spot.

This helps us to alleviate any scope creep, and really drill deep into the concept we choose together with you. We will polish until you feel that your voice is heard loudly and clearly.


I already have a logo, I just need it recreated. Can you help?

1000%, yes! It’s not uncommon in the shuffle of day to day for original vector and raw art files to go missing. If you have an existing logo and simply need it recreated in vector, we have skilled designers who can do just that for you.

This type of project can vary greatly in cost, as every style requires a different type of approach. Typically you’re looking at a few hours to recreate the art and then develop files for each use case. You’d expect to pay no less than $350 for this service, and we will hang on to any files provided should you need them provided again in the future. We are digital packrats with Terabytes  of artwork stowed away, should we ever need to provide you with it again.