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Finally, a simple solution for attractive, on-brand, dealership merchandising from professionals who specialize in turning first time buyers to lifelong customers.



Step into your customers shoes for a moment;

Car after car, row after row of options, peering into windows attempting to decipher the window sticker. Does this have leather? How many miles? Wait, this is used? It’s confusing, it’s uncomfortable and above all else, it’s hurting your closing percentages.

What if there was a better way? 


Shopping habits have changed

Sure, your sales team can help to wade through the lineup, but overwhelmingly your customers want to shop, not necessarily be sold. This makes online shopping and sunday visits ever more common.

What if you could guide those first few steps on your dealership lot? Convey key information without pushing or even engaging customers until they are ready for you? Give your customer a chance to explore before speaking to a sales person?

Well, you can!


more than      a sticker,       way more


Far beyond car stickers, our custom merchandising helps take your customers’ shopping experience to the next level.

When done well, merchandising communicates with your customers in a way a salesman cannot.  Putting information in writing for the customer to read develops trust.  “If it is written, it must be true.”  Conveying key information at the right time and place, builds customer credence and confidence.

A positive customer experience makes them feel comfortable and ready to buy.  Ready to buy the car, sign up for financing, and buy additional products.

How does it work?

display accurate pricing

Buyers who are shown current & accurate pricing are more trusting. By displaying pricing info, front and center, you give your sales team a leg up when it’s time to close. 

highlight compelling features

List your used lineups’ hottest features in bold bright branded fashion. Help your customer make an informed decision & leave with just what they were looking for.

Replicate an Online experience

Buyers spend 70% of their time searching the web for their next vehicle. Creating an info rich experience at your dealership bridges the gap between online & on-lot.

Build trust & rapport

When you put something in print, it creates a sense of truth & transparency. “It’s written so it must be true.” Relationships are built on that bedrock of truth. 

Announce sales & Offers

Often, sales and offers have only brief window of availability. Make them known quickly and clearly before the window of opportunity closes. 

spotlight unique value-Adds

Do you offer a maintenance package? A warranty? These often small value-adds might be the tipping point between buyer and “walker” 


Consistent messaging across several customer touch points

Exterior Solutions


Showroom Graphics


Ground Banners


Pole & Hanging Banners


Moveable Signage


Building Wraps

INterior Solutions


Showroom Graphics


Floor Graphics


Vehicle Graphics


Stand-Up Signage


Handouts & Swag

Put a stop to walk-offs & enhance your customer buying experience

Our Services

See it in action on your lot

From vehicle windshield banners to full exterior showroom wraps, Lot Sherpa has all the tools you’ll need to build trust and a “now is the time” vibe for every customer every time.  Stop losing customers and enhance your customer buying experience with  Lot Sherpa, a Division of Silver Fox Marketing.

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